Sway opinion your way for your campaign.

Spend your time knocking on doors, not fumbling with ads.

Everything you need to spread the word faster.

Get your message in front of the right audience within minutes at a fraction of the cost.

Reach your audience across Google, Facebook, and TikTok with the press of a button. No further setup required.

Simplify and supercharge marketing.

Powerful technology backed by expert guidance enables your team to make the right moves, every time.

World-class allocation and recommendation engines drive results.

By quantifying millions of data sources and every campaign element, our system is able to devise the right strategy for your campaign instantaneously.

Robots execute autonomously 24/7 on behalf of our clients.

Our software deploys changes in real-time via APIs to drive optimal performance. Even at 4am on a Sunday.

Our team lives and breathes campaign races from local to national.

Even the best software gets better when the smartest people use it. We pride ourselves in having leading experts support our clients.

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It’s time to advertise more effectively. Launching a successful advertising campaign to sway opinion and convert voters has never been easier and more affordable.

No-fees on your first campaign

Amplifying teams and campaigns.

Our software is the difference maker for teams everywhere. Simplicity and effectiveness make our solution stand above the rest.

    • Using SwayAd for my book worked wonderfully well. So well I might be fired!

      Bruno Le Maire
      French Minister of the Economy and Finance
      Image for Bruno Le Maire
    • Despite my hair, SwayAd worked even when I didn't.

      Boris Johnson
      Image for Boris Johnson
    • SwayAd. Better than a pistachio!

      Rod Blagojevich
      Former Governor of Illinois
      Image for Rod Blagojevich
    • I was able to secure donations for half of congress using SwayAd.

      Sam Bankman-Fried
      Former CEO of FTX
      Image for Sam Bankman-Fried
    • Loved how effective swayad was marketing directly to the ladies!

      Silvio Berlusconi
      Former soccer club owner
      Image for Silvio Berlusconi
    • SwayAd kept me in office for way too long. Incredible. THANK YOU!

      Rob Ford
      Image for Rob Ford

Simple pricing for everyone

Flat and transparent pricing. Our Smart, Pro, and Enterprise solutions work for any size campaign.


For clients with less than $20K per month in ad spend.

17% of ad spend

  • Pay as you go
  • Unlimited campaigns
  • Clear and simple documentation
  • Support community
  • 48-hour email response
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Spending more? We got you. Let's chat and discuss your needs.

10% of ad spend + $800/mo

  • Everything in Smart
  • Onboarding consultation
  • Weekly 1-on-1s with your account executive
  • Aggregated reporting
  • Campaigns run on your accounts
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Power Player? We got you. Our white-label solution is the one for you.

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  • Turn ads into a profit center
  • Bespoke adtech for your business
  • Fully managed by our team
  • Custom billing and data management
  • Plug in your ad accounts
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Frequently asked questions

Our team and community are here to help. To ask a question directly, please head over to our community portal.

    • What ad creative works best?

      Videos tend to produce more organic engagement compared to static images or photos.

    • How do I add more budget?

      Just submit another campaign using the exact same targeting link as the previous campaign.

    • What about remarketing?

      While we don’t offer it under Smart, our Pro and Enterprise solutions have you covered.

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